Hows my bulk diet look.

  1. Hows my bulk diet look.

    Breakfast 9am 3 eggs 1 cup of oatmeal with protein shake

    lunch12pm 2 chicken breast with a glass of milk 1/2 cup wheat pasta

    3pm natty pb whole wheat sandwhich double decker

    530 1/2 cup pasta before the gym

    615-730 gym

    proetin shake (48grams protein 5gram fat 15gram carbs abotu 400 caloreis)

    830 2 chicken breast with green veggies (broclli or string beans usally)

    1030 1 chciken breast wit a cup of milk

    11 casien shake before bed.

    I am 5'9" [email protected] 14% BF i will be doing this diet while on a run of hdrol. I am hoping to end up at 192 @12%bf the run is pp turinbol for 6 weeks and my first cycle so how does this diet look?

  2. Maybe add some protein to your pre-WO meal and some carbs to your post-WO meal. Otherwise see how it goes and adjust as necessary. I would also get some more veggies and add some fruits. Also...Are you getting enough fats? Doesn't appear as though you are at a glance. Perhaps replace some chicken with beef from time to time, add some almonds, and add some olive oil.

  3. do you refer to the half cup of past after its cooked or before you cook it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dothereject View Post
    do you refer to the half cup of past after its cooked or before you cook it

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