my favorite bulking snack...whats yours?

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  1. I love drinking smoothie!

    lots of yogurt... lol bulking

    found this cool blog site by Anna Beck : @greensmoothierecipesforweight (copy and paste the URL)



  2. Quote Originally Posted by ChrisSurf
    Publix whole grain bagels (bagel alone is about 300 cals) with cream cheese and Sriracha added, 2-3 egg's mixed with goat or feta cheese, and some Sriracha added to that as well and try to form a sandwich with it... usually falls apart lol. With a glass of whole milk, nice and healthy but cal packed lil snack/meal right there.

    Or, this may not be the healthiest but it sure as hell is good, chop up some bananas, add sour cream, PB, and sugar and it's one tasty desert. Not the healthiest, but it's got cals and is yummy. Mother would make that as desert for us when little and still like it to this day... GF not so much haha
    That sounds unique as a dessert, wonder how she came up with that haha
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  3. Seems like everyone on here craves PB&J when bulking?

    Id definitely have to agree, when i bulk I eat 3 or 4 of these a day, all washed down with some milk. Occasionally if I'm deciding to go "dirty" I'll through in some cheetos, definitely not a healthy option though.

    Another tasty sandwich is pb, bananas and honey(if the sugar doesnt bother you)

  4. favorite bulking snack upto date has to be those supree bars (orgasm in mouth)
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  5. String cheese FTW!!! Eat that **** like candy haha.
    F*ck ton of broccoli
    greek yogurt

  6. 4 slices of whole wheat brea with tons of natty peanut butter and sugar free raspberry jelly omfg so good
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  7. Natural peanut butter and apple butter sandwich on honey wheat and lots of milk!

  8. Pizza and fries

  9. Recipes from Paula Deen and good old fashion meatloaf(hold the ketchup)
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