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    My brother asked me if I could look into what he is currently using, he has gotten to a point where he is almost blocked in gains. He just recently got Jack3d, Formadrol Extreme and Whey Protein and was wondering if those 3 are a good mix or not?

    He just started last week I think or 2 weeks ago.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. The whey protein should be a staple and is mixable with any supplement. As for the other two supplements they will be synergistic together since Jack3d is a workout amplifier and Formadrol is a testosterone booster.

    To get past the plateau in muscle gains he should consider perfecting his workout routine by reading through some guides and also looking through the workout logs of other bodybuilders. Also he should understand that rest is crucial for good muscle gains and that he may be over-training which he will figure out if that is the case or not by doing the necessary research. Lastly he should make sure his macro nutrients (fat, carbs, and protein), are in check along with his micro nutrient intake such as vitamins and minerals.

    Hope this helps.

  3. So, if I understand correctly, before getting back to him on this, he should consider re-viewing his workout. But, his supplements are good.

  4. supplements seem fine (i cant really comment on the formadrol) but he should make sure his diet is on track as said by elivvt

  5. Supplements don't make or break gains; diet and training routines do. So look at those.



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