food giving a pump? feeling deflated

  1. food giving a pump? feeling deflated

    I am on a quick bulk before summer and the past 2 weeks I have been feeling fantastic. My weight is going up, my strength is good, and I am progressing nicely. The only thing is the previous weeks I was feeling like I was 10 feet tall and on top of the world. The past 2 days I feel "deflated" and frail. The only thing I can imagine is maybe I was either eating something that made me have basically a full body pump somehow? Sugars, combination of carbs? or maybe I just had my diet spot on and nutrients were just being shuttled in well and now I'm out of sync?

    Any input is appreciated. I don't want to be falling off the train after the past weeks have been so successful. It might be all in my head but I was just feeling so good and now it feels off. I'll be hitting chest hard tomorrow so I will see how that goes. My diet is a typical bulking diet, meat and brown rice of whole grain pasta every 2 hours except breakfast, or a weight gainer shake if I don't have a chance to eat a real meal.

  2. Might have something to do with your glycogen stores. Sometimes it takes a few days for your body to replenish these so make sure you're not doing too much too frequently. Make sure to drink lots of water too. I believe glycogen is stored in the muscle with water molecules attached at a 1:4 ratio, or something like that, so where there's glycogen, there's water. So you need lots of water!

    The same thing happens to me though. Some days I feel really full and powerful and then sometimes I feel "deflated." It's kinda funny because I actually use that same word to describe how I feel.

    What helps me is resting up and making sure to stay hydrated. You could try increasing your carb intake unless it's already high enough.


  3. Carb intake can ALWAYS be higher when you're my size . I had a rough week so maybe I was just depleted. Thanks for the advice. I got sick this week but I was feeling much better and stronger than ever. I will keep up the hard work and try getting in some more carbs.

  4. You a deflated ballon with no food.. plsin + 100 grams will blow you up and make you look completely diff. Right now, in contest prep, past two weeks i've been no carbs.. yesterday I did a major refeed day. Prior to yesterday, I was tiny, flat, no veins, etc. Today, im veiny, arms 3/4 in bigger, 100% diff look.

    I love nutrient partitioners because people highly underestimate food pumps.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. Stop jerking off. Build your natty T up. This has long been debated but I think it works.



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