1. macros?

    i been working out now for a year or so i had great gains in the first 3-4 months i managed to put on 20lbs. Lately i have been hovering around the 165lb(for last 6 months). I decided it must be my diet so i started a fitday account. what i found out is im roughly eating 2700 cals, 205g protein, 263g carbs, 80g fat on an average day. what do i do to get over this 165lb mark just eat more? should i add in more fat? carbs or what?

  2. EAT MORE for a start, 2700 cals is not much. you could also afford to up your carbs depending on how sensitive you are.
    also what are you eating?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Shane0Mac View Post
    EAT MORE for a start

    Changing macros is just fine tuning. Total calories is your big hammer. As you build muscle your calorie needs go up so every time you put on a few you should adjust calories upwards. Otherwise you will just fall into 'maintenance' and not go anywhere.

  4. keep in mind as you gain weight the calories your body burns increase as well.

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