Hey AM. i am on the fence...i want to keep bulking but my love handles are getting pretty large. i dont eat high glycemic carbs unless its after a workout. most of my carb intake comes from quinoa, oats, sweet potatoes, lentils, etc. i was just wondering if it is possible to still gain lean mass and do interval training to lose fat?. id keep the same caloric intake. i dont like my love handles but i dont feel that im big enough to cut. does that make sense or am i an idiot? hahaha thanks

  2. i have the same problem. im 5ft 9, 180 but my fat around my midsection has increased and i dont wanna cut but i want it gone lol im thinking about doing a clean bulk, train like im bulking,, but do alot of cardio
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  3. I suggest doing a 2 week "maximum" mini cut and then presume a 4 week clean mini bulk. I do this and gain very lean mass as well stay hard year round. Right now I am bringing up my lagging body parts (arms and calves) I do a maintence diet monday through thrusday. I train legs and arms with a perfect split for recovery and eat 1000 calories over maintence thursday-sunday. Keep in mind I also do 20 mins cardio 3 times a week to keep fat to a minimum. This has worked really great. I also throw in a couple cheat meals and i have kept same body fat with adding 1/4" to arms and legs this month. Trial and error, but it works for me.

  4. While we are on the subject of love's, Is cardio the only way to rid these nasty things? I know the whole spot training thing doesnt work, but I just want to hear what u all recommend for fixing this area...Thanks guys...

  5. ive been doing jump ropes and on the bike every training day and mine are slowly fading and im eating like a clean bulk and training like a recomp
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  6. I have had good results doing some "spot" training on my abs for 10 to 15 min straight with no rest then go run for 15 to 30 min. I went from a 37" waist to a 34" in just one month and didnt lose any wieght.


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