I found this on another forum and I saw this very useful.

    Diet is 75% of bulking up IMO. You can lift like Ronnie Coleman, but bottom line you will not grow any muscle without the calories behind it for bulking. Simple biology and one equation---->

    Calorie balance=Calories in - Calorie expenditure

    If you aren't gaining weight, you are not in a positive calorie balance so you need to either cut out all cardio, eat more, or both. Eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight; eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. The kind of weight you gain or lose is dependent on your macronutrient breakdown, timing of meals, training, cardio, etc. Try adding up your calories using the links at the bottom of the page, many people who think they "eat all the time" actually eat under 3000 calories per day, which is very low for a bulking diet. Get used to eating frequently also, like every 3 hours tops. The only time I was hungry on my last bulker was right when I woke up in the morning. Remember: an appetite is not necessary to eat. You need to get used to eating what/when you MUST, not what/when you want.

    There are two ways to bulk: A clean bulk (slower, but leaner gains) and a dirty bulk (faster gains, more fat storage if metabolism isn’t fast) The main difference is that on a clean bulk, you NEVER eat carbs and fats together. Milk is bad for this reason. Eating carbs and fats together causes almost all of the fat to get stored instead of used for energy. Don’t eat carbs in your last 2 meals of the day because they get stored as fat while you sleep. Eat at least 40g protein with every meal, and make meals either protein/fat or protein/carb.

    PWO=Post Workout, the most anabolic (muscle building) time in anyone’s day is the half hour following a workout. It is best to use a fast-acting protein like Whey. Your muscles soak up protein like a sponge. It is also useful to eat twice as many carbs as protein to help shuttle the proteins to the muscles. The PWO shakes I use are

    ---50g Optimum Nutrition Whey
    ---50g Dextrose (Corn sugar, causes an insulin spike to increase absorption of protein)
    ---50g Maltodextrin (Powdered complex carb supplement)

    Some people prefer to drop the maltodextrin and just do 100g of dextrose. Try both and see what works for you.

    Eating approximately every 2.5 to 3 hours is good for 3 reasons…
    1. You can eat more calories in a day if your meals are smaller. Its easier to eat 600 calorie meals 6 times a day then it is to eat 1200 calorie meals 3 times a day.
    2. Your body can only digest so many calories at a meal, and the rest gets stored as fat. Lowering the amount of food eaten at one time reduces the “extra” over what you need.
    3. Muscles start to catabolize (break down) if they are without protein for 3-4 hours unless you are sleeping. Hell, when I'm bulking I drink a milk/casein shake when I get up to piss at night.

    For all you 130-150 pounders thinking about taking steroids... re-evaluate your diets. If you can't gain weight naturally, steroids aren't going to do anything for you except shrink your balls. Think about it... raw materials to form muscles have to come from somewhere right? They don't just appear out of thin air. Calories are the bricks that are building your house.

    Try eating 300g protein, 400g carbs, and 150g fats.

    You will grow.

    GET BIG!

  2. go to
    http: //w ww.bo dybuilding .c om/f un/b erardi 41.ht m
    sorry about the spaces I cant post links this site you can
    plug in your weight and bodyfat percentage and it will tell you how many calories you need to eat every day to grow.

  3. GOod info!

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