Cutting / Toning Phase after Bulking

  1. Cutting / Toning Phase after Bulking

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the best place to post this or not so please let me know if it needs to be moved.

    I'm just wrapping up a really long bulking phase and I'm pretty happy cuz I put on about 30 lbs this time. I'm 6'1 about 200lbs even and as soon as I can hit 205-210 range I'm going to switch to a toning phase.

    Only problem is I've really only ever done bulking so I need some advice on a routine for cutting. As with most of us during bulking I put on about 10lbs (or so) of fat mostly around my gut and that needs to go before summer

    Anyway, right now I'm on about 150-200 grams of protein a day and about 3-5 meals. I'm pretty much eating anything and everything I can get my hands on. I'm a hardgainer for sure so this was the only way for me to build. 3 years ago I was 158 lbs and I've gained way more muscle then fat so I think it worked for me.

    As for gym nights I can make it at least 3 maybe 4 nights a week so if you guys have some good suggestions on how to cut without losing muscle mass I'd love to hear them.

    Btw, I'm currently taking...

    T-Bomb 2 (just started cycle last week)
    Champ Nutrition Whey
    Surge Recovery (during workout and after)
    Creatine (on workout days only)

  2. i just completed an 11 month bulk and had a lot to cut from the gut... I have a good thread going where i have recieved a ton of good advice... Take a look

    Logging my first run of Clen
    Eat clean, piss dirty

  3. probably get more and better advice if you posted in cutting.

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