fitday? but for lean weight/mass gain

  1. fitday? but for lean weight/mass gain

    Was playing around with fitday last night, kinda liked it. however, its geared towards, weight loss, not weight gain. ne one have ne sites similiar to that but geared towards weight gain?

  2. Whats the real difference? tracking your calories / macros is tracking them. The fact is that the calories needed to lose or gain a pound is just a vague estimate. Your individual results could vary significantly so its better to just track them rather than arbitrarily building your diet plan on their recommendation of calories.

  3. I would agree. I don't use fitday now, but before I could naturally grasp my calorie intake and diet needs I did. Don't pay attention to programs or suggestions, Just eat and record and pay attention to the numbers and see where you can improve.
    Just inject.

  4. fitday is great for gaining. it doesn't tell you how much you need to eat to gain weight but it will damn sure let you know if your getting enough protein, calories etc to grow. Fitday is great because you can use it for different things say i make a meal that is enough for 3 meals like brown rice and chicken or something. I just put the total amounts in say 3lbs of chicken 2 cups brown rice or whatever and if I eat it through the day I might not know how much protein or carbs or cals i got each meal but i will know totals and can add on calories etc at night if I am low.

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