quick question about ground beef

  1. quick question about ground beef

    as of right now on my bulk diet besides dairy protucts and what not, i use chicken as my main source of meat. would it be bad if i used ground beef to make burgers and use that instead of chicken. im just getting so sick of chicken and tuna, the look of it makes me ill. would it be to much fat ? it is 80/20 ground beef

  2. red meat is ok a couple times a week, especially if bulking

  3. 80/20 is fine for a bulk. lean bulking you'll have to get the 90/10 or better though.

  4. I get a pound of ground bison for $5.99, its all natural, high in fat fighting CLA. Granted its fairly expensive but I have been trading it in for my weekly "cheat" meal which is normally new york strip. I get more meat for the money and its healthier. I would recommend it if your worried about hormones and antibiotics in beef. As for pure nutritional value, some ground beef would be good for you during a bulk.

  5. When I'm in bulk mode everythings fairgame within reason. I try to eat A LOT of meat mostly burger and chicken. And I usually always buy 80/20 works out for me

  6. Ground turkey (it has a weird consistancy) works and the taste is diff from chic. Generally when bulking I don't worry to much about fats. But I skip fast food alltogether. 'm 5-6 170 lbs. It gets hard to get the cals. I need from food so mass gainer shakes help me alot.

    I just went to CUB the other day and they had ground beef 80/20 mis priced at $.99/lb. I bought 20 lbs.

    In reality, when cooked and drained, that fat ratio drops to about 93/7 if well browned. So just how bad is it for you?

    It takes fat to make test and muscle. If you eat to clean you can limit gains. The only time I really watch fat intake close is when cutting. But I'm lucky, my cholest. has been perfect my whole life (I'm 41). But for the most part, other than 18 eggs a week, I eat very healthy.

    Guess I sayin' don't freak out about it to much! Much luck to ya bro!

  7. I had ground turkey sometimes if I really needed something different. I gained pretty decent. I would get hamburger helper, cheeseburger flavor, and use whole grain pasta and ground turkey instead of the white pasta and ground beef. It tasted fantastic and wasn't that awful of a cheat meal.

  8. Sorry, this month it's 3000 cals a day. I'm thinking meat and pasta. Some red sauce.

  9. Why are people so afraid of BEEF? At least one of my meals each day contains beef in the form of steak or ground hamburger meat. Eat meat often. It will do you and your training a world of good.

  10. I like red meat in my diet as it gives me variety from the endless chicken/tuna/salmon/haddock/other fish etc that gets old prety fast, this week I discovered Venison Grill Steaks - 31g Protein, 9g carbs, 5g fat in a 170g burger + tastes good!!!!

  11. I eat ground beef and whole wheat pasta almost always twice a day, helps keep me full


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