1. HST

    well today was my first day on HST. im going to do an A, B workout probably. any important or helpful info regarding HST that most websites dont say or ppl skim over usually that I need to know to help me with gains? thanks guys

  2. come on guys. im new to HST

  3. Yeah, maybe study up a little bit before starting the program. I gave it a try once, not my favorite routine but it has its place.

  4. I pretty much just started hst-7 i guess you could say.
    I do my normal workout, but on the last exercise i do 7 straight sets with 40 seconds
    of hard stretching of the muscle i am training between each set. Thats basically fst-7.
    Not sure how well it works just yet, but my biceps are never sore after a workout ever,
    but after doing fst-7 yesterday, they are definitely F@%^ed!

  5. I would suggest getting at least 2g of protein per pound of body weight
    and using creatine and bc/eaa's while doing fst-7 to combat over training/allow your body
    to rebuild more easily the extra muscle you broke down.

  6. ive read all over that site. dont treat me as a newb. u know im not. i just wanna know from others experiences what worked for them

  7. i just figured you could get a lot more insider info at their forum, dont see that many HST logs here

  8. ya, i appreciate the link man. i see alot of ppl on here doing HST, but not logging it or rly talking about it


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