question on cycling weight?

  1. question on cycling weight?

    Alright so i am getting ready to take some pro testo supps for an 8 week cycle. I am currently altering my lifting cycle as follows. 3 weeks heavy, 1 week light, 2 weeks heavy, 2 weeks light, then starting over. Is this a good cycle or should i be doing a different cycle. I want to bulk for 8 weeks. NOT like getting HUGE just Getting swole. Then my last month here in the desert i am going to shredd.

  2. If you are bulking for 8 weeks, skip the light weeks. Just go heavy. 8 weeks isn't that long really to just go heavy. If you need to ease up a bit, don't go more than 12 reps.

    You could do a 6-12 rep range. Pick a weight that you can get no more than 6-7 with. Each time you do that exercise, try to increase the number of reps. When you hit 10-12, then up the weight, and start over.

    By throwing in the light weeks, you stop the forward progress of weight increases. Don't drop the weight until you can't get 6 reps. But keep making forward progress, either more reps or more weight each workout.

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