Need help with new workout schedule/diet

  1. Need help with new workout schedule/diet

    Well last fall I broke my collor bone and was out of comish till now. Well new job new schedule. I am going to have to work out in the mornings since I won't have every afternoon and want a ruitine. This is my schedule. Wake up 4AM eat a small meal workout 5AM-6:15AM Work from 7:30AM-4PM. I have an office job so I can eat the small meals needed through out the day. i guess my biggest question is after a nights rest I can't eat very much in the morning that close to a workout. It causes me to get sick to my stomack when I'm busting my ass in the gym. Will this hurt me or should I try and get up a little earlier? I have kids so no I don't get the 8 hours when I get up at 4AM now. If I have to change and work out after work I will only beable to get in 2 maybe 3 days a week.

  2. I would say that your fine, with eating a small meal in the morning. Eat as much as youu can without getting sick. The small meal will jump start your metabolism and get some fuel to do a good workout. Sleep is important!!!!! Dont cut anymore than you need to. Good Luck

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