need help gaining weight for next year wrestling

  1. Question need help gaining weight for next year wrestling

    ill be a senior in highschool next year, currently i am at a normal weight of 155 to 158. without any water wweight im around 145, 146. in the beginning of this past season at my hydration test they tested me with about 12.06 percent body fat, im sure im less than that now. anyways id really like to wrestle at 189 next year by at least early december. what do you guys think id have to do to get there,do you think its possible?

  2. Also i dont have to be at exactly 189 i can be about 180 and up, id actually prefer to be lean at 180.

  3. I'm always going up and down in weight for grappling, When I bulk I put in 6 big meals a day, lot's of Multi-grain pasta with lot's of hamburger and cheese in it. Whats your diet look like? For Supplement wise I love P-slin for bulking. I def think it's possible I went from 155lbs to 195lbs in a 8 month time frame before.
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  4. well i eat alot of whole grain pasta, i buy chicken breast in bulk from the surplus store too. and tuna. i take two generic gnc mass xxx shakes a day. i really dont want to get chubby though i want to keep it pretty much muscle

  5. Look into some weight gainers. I donít personally believe in them myself, but I tent to put on more fat when using them. Depending on your WO routine, however, you could be one the individuals who can actually use a weight gainer along side your regular diet, and not put on much BF.

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches always helped me gain weight when I was younger during football season, for example. Just my suggestions...

    Hope this helps,



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