Seeking tips on diet and foods for bulking...Please Read!!!

  1. Exclamation Seeking tips on diet and foods for bulking...Please Read!!! about 6'1'' 180 pounds and very lean...probably 8% body fat or less...i would like to get to about 190 and stay there...i lift 4-5 days a week with very little cardio...Im meeting my needs when it comes to carbs and protein, but i need to incorporate some more fat...i am currently eating some eggs, almonds and muscle milk for all my fat...i have been eating peanut butter as well, but im not sure how good it really is for me? i was wondering what i could start taking for that extra fat i need in my diet...i know olive oil is a good source but how can i use it? also any information on fish oil would be great...i am also going to put my diet on here and see what you guys think, any putback would be greatly appreciated...

    egg beaters with 2 real eggs
    3/4 cup oatmeal
    1 orange

    protein shake and almonds

    Chicken, black eyed peas, rice and broccoli

    Slow burning whey and yogurt

    Post workout
    Cranberry pomengranate juice
    Protein shake

    Either chicken or beef
    Sweet potato, broccoli or cauliflower and cottage cheese

    Before bed
    Muscle milk and apple

    Middle of night
    2% milk

    I know its long, but im strugglin here, help me out guys!!!!

  2. quick tip - move the muscle milk pre-workout and the "slow burning whey" to before bed

  3. Change the beaters and 2 real eggs to 6 real eggs (whole). Do it!!!

    Eggs are a great source of protein and they help increase Test. Put a little olive oil on them or use olive oil to grease the pan when you cook them. Olive oil helps convert the cholesterol in eggs to test. If you put too much on them they will taste kinda nasty though.

  4. Awesome advice keep it comin!!!

  5. Peanut butter is an excellent source of fat and protein. As I've stated before, milk and protein are a very easy way to add serious calories, fat and protein to any mass-building diet. Steak and eggs are also good sources of fat. Try and eat steak as many times per week as possible. I know it gets kind of costly, but you will see a dramatic improvement in not only weight gain, but in your overall training as well. In my personal opinion, lose the Muscle Milk and other protein shakes and go with Champion Nutrition's Heavyweight 900. I use it and it works great for ectomorphs like us. It also has a fat source derived from beef in it. You would be hard pressed to find any other weightgainer on the market that uses a similar ingredient. In my personal opinion, you're not getting anywhere near enough carbs. More white rice, pasta, baked potatoes, and oatmeal for sure. What kind of "slow burning whey" are you using?



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