Tips for packing on muscle weight?

  1. Tips for packing on muscle weight?

    I've been lifting consistently for about two months now. I've lifted for about 5 years before now just not as seriously as i am now. Thats nothing compared to you guys and I know it will take time but I'm just wondering if I can start gaining already? Can you give me a quick explanation on good proteins or supplements to help me out? Should i lift more than every other day or do i need to rest a day in between? Also i know a tiny bit about test boosters and anabolics but can you also explain those quickly and are the benefits better than the downsides? Thanks for the help and sorry for my ignorance.

  2. First of all you aren't ready for anabolics if your asking these questions let alone you haven't reached your genetic max. Whey protein is a good start on supps take one in the morning pre workout and post. I only do pre and post workout eggs in the morning for me . 1.5-2g protein per pound of body weight will help increase calories which you need to be eating more then maintenance to gain weight. A good place to start is 40/40/20 being Carb/Protein/fats. You can lift more then everyother day depending on your workout. A full body workout you would need a day off I don't suggest that style of workout but quite a few people on here have gotten some good gains off of it. I prefer the 3 day split Chest (shoulder) tricep one day back and bicep traps the other and legs (shoulders) the next then a rest. Back to anabolics if they are ran correctly there is little side effects to be worried and none of them are generally permament. First you need correct support supps to be taken during your cycle and generally preloaded. After your cycle you need a PCT to kick your testes back into gear and prevent unwanted side effects (gynocemastia) just about everyone will suggest a serm (selective estrogen receptor modulators). test boosters I have heard of good results never used one myself. But before taking any anabolics do a lot of research to know what to expect and how to properly do a cycle and good first cycles.

  3. Would need to see a bit more info about what sort of workout program you're following and a bit more about your diet to really help you out.

    2 months of lifting = do not take any PH's or anabolics. You'll just set yourself up for failure if you want to rerun a similar compound later once you've hit a plateau.

    If you're lifting hard and heavy and your diet is in check then you should be able to make big gains quickly for the first 12 months at least without any chemicals.

  4. Ok thanks for the info guys. i had just heard and read a little about anabolics and didn't know but thanks now i do. i'll try somethin like that for three weeks or so and see how it works. and i'll have to start paying attention to what i eat cus now it's like 4 big meals a day and 3 to 4 little ones in between those ha.

    sorry i have really gained alot on how much i lift just no weight on my body so i was wondering if i should have by now?

  5. The more specific information you give us about your diet and training program, the more help you will get. Types of food, quantities, exercises, sets, reps, etc...there are lots of knowledgable bros on here that are more than happy to help. Just have to provide them with some basic info about yourself. Vance is very correct in his assertion about not taking any anabolics or PH's as of yet. Plenty of time for that. Jumping the gun will not get you where you want to be any sooner.



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