How different people fill out

  1. How different people fill out

    So I tried to go online and type in my height/weight to see what I looked like in an unbiased way (Im biased toward me not changing, although i've gained like 35+lbs. Well I noticed that theres such a big range, even for my height/weight, that I cannot tell. Same with when I type in my goal h/w. So what I was wondering was what makes the difference between having nice body, or an odd looking but bulky body at the same height/weight. This was kind of hard for me to explain, but I'm curious, so i'lll try to make it simpler if nobody gets this.

  2. Well it depends alot on genetics. I mean even when I went from 130-165 I didnt get "bulky" its against my genetic nature. Fast, agile, and with high endurance and quick reactions. I got more "dense" I guess I could put it. While I was gaining weight I still kept looking slim. Just with alot more sturdy frame.

    Not every one will look like supermans V shape.

    But alot of it can be affected also by the workout routine you follow. Post some pics is your best bet to better advice from some of the vets on here.

  3. agreed. ^ i was a very skinny frame and went from 130 to 190 in 2.5 years. my body fat went from 5 percent up to like 9.

  4. It's more an issue of proportion, no? Neck, chest, upper arm, forearm, waist, thigh, and calf in relative proportion and balanced side to side. As opposed to some magic height and weight calculation.

  5. Last year I got from 165lbs to 200lbs. Yet, my dad, grandfathers, and uncles all remained in the 6'' 150-160lb range until they reached their 30s and it was all in their gut. I do calves every other workout and if I miss a day they'll practically deflate on me, and leave me looking top heavy. In my opinion and experience, I think that trying to be a proportionate ectomorph is one of the hardest things to achieve

  6. some ppl have apple shapes to them and some have pear shapes to them.

    the body builder goes to develope the X shape which is truely eye catching.

  7. Research Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. You will learn a lot about genetics that way.


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