Perfect Day of Eating

  1. Perfect Day of Eating

    Obviously this forum is about bulking... With that, I'm curious as to what you guy's would consider the perfect day of eating/supplementation from sun-up to sun-down. No need for portions or explaining how many grams of protein are in each meal, just in general. Here's what I got...

    Meal 1 (b-fast)
    1. 4-5 eggs w/ New York strip steak
    2. 1 cup of oatmeal w/ blueberries/rasberries.
    3. 1 slice of cheese
    4. Multi, fish oil, BCAA's, Vitamin C,D,E

    Meal 2 - Snack
    1. Turkey Bagel Sandwich with cheese/mustard
    2. Handful of almonds

    Meal 3 - Lunch
    1. 1 Chicken Breast
    2. Sweet Potato
    3. Cup of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots
    4. 1 Apple
    5. BCAA's

    Meal 4 - Snack

    1. Beef Jerky
    2. Cup of Yogurt

    Meal 5 - Pre-Workout
    1. 30g Whey
    2. 60g Waxy Maize
    3. BCAA's, Vitamin C

    Meal 6 - Post Workout
    1. 45g Whey
    2. Gatorade/ or Chocolate Milk
    3. Banana
    4. BCAA's, Multi, Vitamin C

    Meal 7 - Dinner
    1. 1 Salmon
    2. 1 cup Brown rice
    3. Spinach Salad w/ veggies
    4. BCAA's, Fish Oil

    Meal 8 - Snack
    1. 1 cup of Cottage Cheese

  2. Looks good man, I think what's holding you back is the fact that you continue to use those pink dumbells at the far end of the rack every week. Time to man up

  3. You wanna Get BIG you gotta Eat BIG!
    looks ,,, pretty good

  4. Looks good to me, I'm trying that diet too and so far been pretty good.

  5. Looks great. I might ditch the cheese and add peanut butter. If you wanted a sweet treat add a PBJ sandwich every now and then. Even better. Try a Peanut butter, raisin, sliced mango with fresh cracked pepper on multi grain bread. Trust me. The pepper MAKES the sandwich.

  6. I do have one question, Why would you take Waxy pre-workout out?
    Wouldnt you take it post workout. I use it post workout to fill depleted glycogen stprages asap with some Hydrolized Whey. From what some research articles I read said , I believe it to be a bad choice for pre-workout. I would replace it with a cup of Buckwheat or Oatmeal. What have you guys heard about this?

  7. It should surely be moved to POST work out.

  8. a lot of people get good results as far as energy and pumps on waxy maize pre or intra workout, its not that uncommon esp. on this board. I've done both and prefer just dextrose post wo after listening to a superhumanradio show where studies were done that show wms is actually slower digesting than even oats i believe. check it out at under the archives the episode title is 'the waxy maize conundrum'


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