bulking diet help

  1. bulking diet help

    ill start by saying i have never done an actual bulk before and so i wanted to do it right for my first time. im currently 17rs old 5'11" , 150lbs at about 13%bf and hoping to get somewhere around 170 or 165 and pretty toned, but, i want it to be clean.

    im wondering how many calories, protein, carbs and fat i should be aiming for.

    my current intake is around 3000 calories, 350g carbs 160g protein and 125g fat.

    its made up of;
    1 cup oats with 2 cups milk
    200g of tinned tuna
    about 1 cup cashews
    2 peanut butter sandwiches
    1 cup apple puree
    1 cup greek yogurt and whey
    1 cup milk and whey
    and dinner usually has about 1 to 2 cups of cooked pasta or rice but it varies a fair bit (curry with rice, pasta and chicken and sauce, chicken or fish with vegetables)

    i work out about 4 days per week;
    anything i missed and ill put some cardio in as well.

    so any advice is greatly appreciated
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  2. you need more meat sources for protein, other than that you're off to a good start. Remember to raise your protein/carbs/fat macro as you increase weight.
    So when you get up to 170, don't be eating 160 grams of protein.

  3. so the macro i have looks alright then? and is the total calories something i will have to play around with until i find something that works?

  4. depending on your body type I would lower carbs/ up the fat.

    i'm more carb sensitive so i keep carbs to breakfast/pre-wo/and post-wo.
    I also like to carb cycle.

    if you're more of a "hardgainer" then more carbs will be beneficial.
    You could go a little higher with the protein. 1.5 g per lb of body weight is enough though, I think anything past that is just a waste.

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