Do you go in the sauna after your workout?

  1. Do you go in the sauna after your workout?

    Do you go in the sauna after your workout?

    More specifically, while you're bulking?

  2. personally i wouldnt.
    The body requires hydrating after exercise especially in warm weather or in a warm atmosphere. The sauna is only going to take more fluid out of you by sweating.
    You have also put your body under stress by working out. Hot temperatures are only adding to that because you are asking your body to adjust to the heat Im not saying there isnt a place for having a sauna but i dont think its straight after a workout.
    Also how clean is your sauna. Is the wooden seating washed down regularly , do guys sit on the wood on their bare a**e I never use them not everyone has the same hygiene standards.

    just my view.

  3. I do when I have enough time. The body react in a certain way to try to further cool itself off. I drink plenty of water during workout, so hydration is not an issue.

    What I notice is decreased soreness, increased post-workout endorphin glide (I meditate in the sauna), and an accelerated recovery.
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  4. hot tub for me

  5. never been in one and dont plan too, i dont find it necessary. if your looking for something relaxing and recovery related. make a tastey glutamine shake and take a warm bath and stretch afterwards or before. stretching is essential in the bulking phase. thats the best peice of advice ive ever gotten from anyone. expecially your abs, stretch them atleast once daily.



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