who wants huge traps?

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    Post pics of your traps, I thought mine were big but I bet you guys beat me
    i have a pic of mine before i did these, its in my album on my page. I was 50 lbs smaller than so there bigger now, i dont have a digital camera but im trying to get one, my friend from the washington post took these and i sent them into a nutrition company, theres more but thats all i posted

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    i was talking about BB here. i aslo do DB after close/wide grip. i just strap in regualr but do them yates style and bend my elbows a tad like a row and squeeze them up and back. this also makes a big difference. check out dorians trainning vid to see how im talking about if you want. i have the link that has the whole blood and guts video on it
    can I get that link? Pm me
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  3. sent it, enjoy man

  4. Nice, I'll try this and see how it works out, thanks.

  5. its a cool variation i must say. with the reverse grip, your body is forced to shrug it up and back, contracting your shoulder blades, versus the standard raise your delts to your ears (which always makes me want to lower my neck). i'll add this to one of my back routines.


  6. I did them with the BB and smith tonight...I find it easier to do them on a smith machine...didn't hit may arse as many times as I did with the barbell...

  7. You need scapulae depressions in there too. They will target the lower trapezium fibers more specifically.
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