Help! Skinny guy here

  1. Help! Skinny guy here

    Ok, I want to gain muscle. I'm new to the whole supplement, weight training thing.

    Anyway here is my story. I've been skinny my whole life. I used to be 6'4, 150 lbs. Everybody told me if I wanted to gain weight I had to eat. So that's what I did. I mean I ate everything. Well, I gained weight but it was all fat. I got up to 225 lbs BUT I still didn't look right. I still looked small. I think that's probably because I have no muscle mass. I mean my bench press is ridiculously weak.

    In fact I gained weight the way a woman would. In the butt, thighs chest, etc. I mean it's crazy that I'm 225 lbs and my arms still look like twigs.

    Someone told me it's probably because I have too much estrogen.

    What do y'all think and recommend?

  2. lets have a look at your diet

  3. yeah, diet and training please and age.

  4. Cosign above, post what you eat day to day and how you train. Get some photos up if you can as well so that we can assess your faults and further assist you in achieving your goals.

  5. Agreed with the above. Diet, training.. You may just be a mesomorph with an under active metabolism...



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