I'm A Beast! Need advice ...

  1. I'm A Beast! Need advice ...

    Couldnt decide which form to post this thread, but considering the subject matter I chose to post here. Bare with me ...

    Here is the situation:
    I'm 28yrs old, 5'9", 191lbs, BF% unknown (but I can afford to lose 10lbs-15lbs). I'm coming back after a 2yr-3yr lay off. I do my cardio (45min-1hr) in the morning, and my WOs (upper/lower - 2 on/1 off split - HST/DC styled routine) in the evenings. My diet is fairly clean right now; cutting carbs after 3pm-4pm each night. I'm no stranger to AAS, but I am natty as of now. My last cycle was 4yrs ago (weighing in at 215lbs @ 12% BF). I've only been back in the gym three weeks so far, but some strange things are happening.

    AS mentioned, I can afford to lose some weight. My goal is to drop 10-15lbs. I'm not really trying to Bulk up right now - although that would be great (a clean bulk that is). That being said, in the 3wks I've been back, I've lost an inch around the waist and GAINED 10lbs. I started out at 181lbs after dropping dwn from 198lbs ... I now weight 191lbs. This is the heaviest I've ever been natty. This is what I need your advice on ... The crazy weight gain/recomp going on.

    My question(s):
    1: Despite losing an inch around the waist, doing morning cardio (usually empty stomach) for an 1hr, and cutting carbs after 3-4pm, I've gained 10lbs in 3wks time. I've never gained weight like this - not even on cycle. What's contributing to this weight gain? Anyone?

    1a: Might the weight gain be contributed to:
    • Newbie like gains due to the 3yr lay off?
    • Glycogen replinishment?
    • Perhaps I'm just getting old and Weight gain should be expected?

    PS: The only supps I'm taking is fish oil, Green Tea (fat burning supp), BCAA, vitamins, and protien powder. The weight gain is fine, but I'd really like to drop more BF. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I don't really see what the problem is. You're gaining weight and losing fat. It's probably due to the fact that your body is bouncing back quickly from an extended period of de-training. Ride it out for as long as you can. I'm sure things will level out pretty soon. Use the mirror and measurements to monitor your fat loss and don't worry too much about scale weight. Don't change anything until your fat loss stops. When that happens, adjust your diet slightly and keep working.

  3. Muscle-memory most likely.

    I've often had a period of a month or so off from training (injuries etc.) and when i return a 14lb increase in 3-4 weeks isn't unheard of (natural) when everything's dialled in.

  4. Muscle memory..muscle holds water...likely water weight with some muscle gain.

  5. Muscle weighs more then fat. You are in a good spot right now. I wouldnt be worried. If you are losing an inch from your waist then you are doing something right.

  6. god replies. also, muscle weighs more than fat, u know that. so your cardio is burning the fat and training is adding muscle

  7. "Im a beast!" hahah wtf

  8. nice name! lol


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