Increase size while Speed Training??? HELP!

  1. Increase size while Speed Training??? HELP!

    Ok, this is the deal. Basically im at 195-200, in pretty good shape idk about my BF%. I will be undergoing a speed training program january through mid february about 6 weeks long. 3 days a week. This program is very intense day 1 (sprints like 20+ uphill on this speed treadmill thing the place has) day 2 is plyos very intense and day 3 the same as day 1 in different variations. Check out the site athletic republic if you'd like more info (for my help not promo lol) I want to of course add strength and get probably 10 lbs bigger at most. My goals are to be somewhere in the range of 200-205. Run a faster 40 and increase my vertical, work mainly on fast twitch when it comes to lower body and strength regarding upper body i plan on incorporating olympic lifts and a few of my own plyo drills on select days. What id like to know is what would be best for this Ive been looking at Spawn...recommended dosages, PCT help, anything you can offer would be helpful. I want to keep my 40 time low where it is or lower it(4.5-4.6) hopefully get to 4.4. will the speed training be beneficial or not to the PH? How much lean muscle will i put on and is it feasible to gain weight and increase my explosiveness which is main focus. Sorry for extremely long post but wanted to make sure i hit all points!

  2. Impossible to do both at the same time. Size isnt everything. Sometimes taking some time off to do another program, in your case speed training, isnt a bad idea. You will get all your muscle back thanks to muscle memory. Do what best suits your needs.

  3. Just curious...speed training for?

  4. ive been wondering the same thing. i play basketball and i wanted to put together a nice strength regiment for upper body, lifting weights 3x per week, and doing plyo/ speed training 2-3x per week. Im really trying to focus on explosiveness, quicker footwork, and vertical jump, as well as conditioning but this is will come if im working hard at the others. which plyometrics program are you going to be training with?

  5. getting faster and weighing more at the same time is a tad counterproductive, and very difficult. i would caution you on that. running and weighing more isn't great for the joints either - my left meniscus and ACL got torn trying to do that, so please be careful.

    of course, this was weighing more than 50% above my base weight, so other than advising caution, my advice may not apply to you.

  6. Stig here is a link for a pdf for West Side Barbell Training. It is a great program and has a lot of plyometrics in there.

  7. I accidently got faster while bulking up one cycle. My buddy loved to run and new I hated it, I loved to strength train and he hated it, so we pushed eachother. So we would run about 5 miles on Mon and Weds, 1/4 mile sprints on Tues and Thurs, then a 9 mile run on fridays. That was every morning. Then in the afternoon we would lift. We did this for about 6 weeks. I gained 15lbs and went from a 13:16 two mile, to 12:33. He gained 5 lbs of lean mass and slightly increased his 2 mile time by about 10 seconds. I was doing all of this because I was training for a ten mile road race that we got sponsored for.

  8. I wasn't too bad to begin with at running, I just hate cardio unless I'm competing with someone.


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