1. Exclamation NEED NEW DIET PLAN!

    I seriously need to put on weight j believe it's the only thing holding me back from upping the weight I can lift in my bench press I need all the help I can get and am prepared to follow any smart suggestion u guys give.... But I'm asking for someone to create a diet for me I'm talking full blown daily intake from breakfast to dinner including snacks and whatever I need to put on weight. I also need one for my workout days that can incorporate my supplements.. I've already added squats to my workout regimen so that should help me gain some weight.... Now all I need is the dietary part..... My goal is to reach a stable and raising 210lbs and at the moment I'm at a constantly shifting 180

  2. i dont wanna sound like a ****, but let me say what everyone else is going to say: there are tons threads not only on the foods you should be eating, and how many calories and everything you need. Not to mention you created this thread under Nutrition, and Bulking...did you even lurk?

    Second- its not that people don't want to help you, because we've all started somewhere and this is a great place for information, but noone should make you a diet should do your research and do that yourself.

    Third- Nutrition is more important than what you do in the gym. Think of this way, you can lift as hard and intensely as you want and have great workouts, but if you dont have the building blocks for your body, its NOT going to grow. On the other hand...You can gain or lose weight JUST from manipulating the diet, not even including exercise. Therefore if your diet is on point, you can lift like **** and still see changes.

    Your body grows proportionately so its good you are not neglecting legs, but don't leave out back or anything else either. Don't just focus on your bench press.

    Let me know if I can help you out anymore....

    if not, search!

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