Need Help on Bulking Diet

  1. Need Help on Bulking Diet

    If anyone can give me some ideas on how to go about this is greatly apprecited.

    Which is better a dirty or clean bulk?
    Which one gives better results?
    Which is easier?

    Thganks guys

  2. 'better' is extremely subjective in this case. Same with 'easier'.

    Generally, if you're looking to put on a lot of muscle in a limited amount of time, then it will be dirty. It applies to any system.... if you wana cook a pizza in a limited amount of time, it risks being overcooked in some areas. If you wana tan as much as possible in a limited amount of time, you risk getting sun burnt etc. it's a matter of crash job vs delicate job

  3. I'd advise against a ditry bulk for both health reasons, and goal-related reasons.

    I assume by bulking you want to gain muscle? A healthy bulking diet will always result in muscle gain with minimal fat gain if done correctly, however with a dirty bulk your far more likely to gain alot of excess fat with your muscle.

    In relation to diet- A 'dirty' diet is going to probably be a very acidic and harmful to your overall health. Eating junk food and high glycemic index/refined/unbalanced meals will lead to a higher concentration of Low density Lipids in your blood (bad cholesterol). Increases in fat can cause high blood pressure, and any damage to your vessel walls could easily result in LDL's sticking and providing a base for future athersclerosis as more LDL's, platelets, blood cells, fibrin etc adher over time.

    In addition, dirty bulking wreaks havoc with your hormones- especially insulin. Diabetes can result.

    On the other hand, a diet full of healthy fats and cholesterol (high denisty lipids) have the opposite effects- HDL's remove cholesterol desposits which may be forming in your arteries.
    More vitamins, minerals and a lower acidity content mean better digestive health, better immune health, and better body response. Fat is quickly metabolised, your endocrine/exocrine organs and digestive organs work functionally much quicker, and you have more energy, vitality and better health in general.

    So, to conclude- dirty bulking may take less effort/cost less but is significantly offset by the advantages that come with a clean bulk.

  4. if u have the money to afford a clean bulk, then clean bulk. dirty is easier cause u can basically eat anything.

  5. Clean bulk all the way. I consider a clean bulk real food which might not be what some people consider clean. I'll eat a bowl of brownies and ice cream. You better believe it's gonna be homemade brownies and some breyers (milk, cream, sugar). Eat clean when you can but if something comes up it is ok to be dirty!

  6. I say Dirty/Clean bulk . Give yourself a day of indulgence, whatever you want. Keep the other days clean as possible. You need some dirt, especially if you're a hardgainer. Chipotle has been my savior during bulk cycles. Hold the sour cream and cheese, Great beans/chicken/rice. A good 1200 tasty calories there. I would def go with Chipotle over like some McD's. But remember to keep your meals consistent. Sumo wrestlers gain most of their weight on a diet where they eat 1 meal a day, at about 6k calories in that ONE meal. It keeps there metabolism slow and allows them to gain weight. But that is prolly not your goal.

  7. IMO there is no such thing as a truly clean bulk. A clean bulk would mean your bulking would be extended longer then normal, by years. This is a good plan if you arent trying to bulk fast, but just want to live healthy and slowly gain size.

    IMO there should never be a dirty bulk. You cant eat Micky D's every day and expect to gain good weight

    How you compromise is by doing it the right way. You combine good foods, with a good workout plan. You should be eating all your base protein and carbs and lifting hard with some low intensity cardio. If you start feeling more fat then you want then up the cardio some. A truly good bulk means pre-planning. You need to stock up on the foods that will help you. All your base nutrition should be purchased in bulk and eaten from the supply and restocked. Buy clean good products and if you want something sweet every so often the do it. Dirty bulks are what fat kids do and clean bulks are what athletes who are comfortable with their weight and are looking for a little extra size and strength do.

  8. A clean/dirty bulk is the best way i think, make sure you have enough slow digesting carbs in your diet but eat meat like crazy, get your quality amount of protein in and make sure you get your fats in which will come with your beef and good quality fatty acids if you have fish in your diet which i think is great with its high protein levels and great fats, eat a lot of brown rice and oatmeal, and have a cheat day every week and just pound down whatever. Your gonna put on some fat, but unless you take years of complete clean bulking you will put on all lean body lbs. Bad always comes with the good bro.

  9. Honestly, just grab a calculator, a pen and a notepad and multiply your bodyweight (in lbs)by 20. Eat around those numbers with protein and carbs being the highest macros. Anything else will turn into fat unless you are some sort of genetic freak. Add or subtract calories after every week of results.

  10. Clean bulk allowing one cheat meal to reward yourself at the end of the week for staying on a strict diet.


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