APS Ultra Mass Stack & 4most Anabolic Stack

  1. APS Ultra Mass Stack & 4most Anabolic Stack

    Hi all,

    I have currently started the APS Ultra Mass Stack (in my first week atm) and i have bought Gaspari's 4most anabolic stack. Am i OK to run these side by side??

    APS UMS is tren/phera

    4most Anabolic Stack is Sizeon, Superpump250, Nolvadex XL & 4 days/workouts worth of Plasmajer.

    I was thinking of using the sizeon & superpump whilst on the Ultra Mass Stack, then using the Nolvadex XL as PCT. And throwning in the Plasmajet in the 5th (final) week of the APS stack???

    I am using CEL Cycle Assist whilst on the APS UMS.

    Any thoughts/comments are welcome

  2. This should be in the anabolics section. You'll be fine using the sizeon and superpump but most people save those for PCT to help keep gains.

    Novadex XT will be okay as part of PCT but in no way will suffice as a standalone.

    No offense man but it really sounds like you should have done more research!

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