post workout supplement

  1. post workout supplement

    hello peps!! here's what i take on my post workout, cellmass on gatorade right after workout and then whey protein with oat meal 30 after workout. Let me know if this is a good post workout or do I need to change anything.

    i'm on bulking and using halotest 25.

    Weight: 220 (endomorphic) so a little chunky on the mid section =(
    Height: 5'8
    Age: 32

  2. ditch the cell mass IMO. Im not a fan of CEE Id go w/ mono or mag chelate - green bulge or sns mag caps.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. thanks for the reply, whats the deff between CEE and mono?

  4. Definately drop cellmass its overpriced creatine. your best bet is a complete postworkout that includes great carbs, proteins, and insulin mimickers, Torrent is legit, although adding free for aminos when there is complete protein present doesnt help
    look into: torrent, dark matter, evolution x10, aftermax, no synthesize(add carbs) war,

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jmma062803 View Post
    thanks for the reply, whats the deff between CEE and mono?
    CEE is Creatine Ethyl Ester.. it's basically Creatine with an Ethyl ion attached to increase it's absorption in the body by 90% since normal creatine (CM) gets broken down by the liver quite easy.

    However, despite theoretical science suggeting that an Ethyl or Methyl ion increases bio-availability (like in methyl-testosterone, methamphetamine etc.), real world studies have shown CEE to be basically.... useless. Not just one study but several.

  6. CEE is the ****. i love it. mono i get fat off of. cellmass is overpriced. u can get caps or other stuff for way cheaper. like primaforce CEE for 20 bucks at TF


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