Is my routine okay?

  1. Is my routine okay?

    I have recently got back in to working out and I'm on a bulk. I have had quite a bit of experience in the past but as you all know strength and weight gains can be quickly lost.

    Anyways, my routine is M W F. I do 1 compound exercise per bodypart. On monday 4 sets of 8 of each exercise; on wednesday 4 sets of 10 and on friday 4 sets of 6 to try and increase weights. This is a routine recommended by a member here named Suncloud.

    So far according to my scale I have put on 10 lbs in two weeks and all of my lifts have gone up in weight. I like it so far. I just know that some people criticize working out the same muscle group multiple times per week (example - I do squats 3 times per week currently)

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. anybody got any opinions on this?

  3. how long are u planning on doing this

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Swoldierboy View Post
    how long are u planning on doing this
    I planned on doing this routine until I stopped seeing gains. I was going to change exercises when I feel I hit a plateau in a particular exercise: example, switch from bench press to DB press.

  5. The complete workout is:

    M W F

    Bench Press 4x8 4x10 4x6 (add at least 5 lbs)
    Squats 4x8 4x10 4x6 " "
    Pull ups 4x8 4x10 4x6 " "
    Dips 4x8 4x10 4x6 " "
    Shoulder press 4x8 4x10 4x6 " "
    Deadlifts 4x8 4x10 4x6 " "



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