So i recently bought an itouch app that monitors how much protein and calories u should be consuming a day... I just started working an office job and wanted to kno of some good and healthy high protein high calorie high carb lunches i could bring to work... its a bit difficult because i hate tuna, and stopped eating peanut butter because i didnt want it affecting my skin and or giving me more acne

  2. Please advise and thank you

  3. If you're on the go, a grilled chicken sammy from one of the local fasfoods isn't too bad, but double up on them. 1 just isn't enough, or you can try and explain to the person taking the order that you want double meat...I find it easier to just order 2 because half the time it's extremely difficult to add extra meat, don't ask me why but it's ALWAYS a hassle.

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