gaining muscle mass need help!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Question gaining muscle mass need help!!!!!!!!!!

    over the past year i have gained about 45 pounds i am now 240 pounds, and i want to lose weight and get more muscle mass. im planning to do ckd diet possibly lifting weights 3 to 4 times a week, and doing cardio 2 to 3 times a week. diet is going to be clean chicken, lean meats, eggs, vegetables, whey etc.if i did this would i still gain alot of muscle mass ? substituting fat for muscle and would i be able to take a test booster while doing this?
    if u have any any opinions or suggestions please leave them it will greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty

  2. r u a fat 240(no offense intended). you will start to gain muscle mass back regardless but you are going to start losing weight. when you go from nothin or almost nothin, to lifting you are going to feel a boost at first. the initial lifting will boost your test for a while on its on.
    try to cut some dude especially if your 6 feet tall. im about 7lbs lighter than you were a year ago and i still have fat on me. id say start lifting with regularity for the first 3 weeks and light cardio, in odrer to allow your body to go back into the "gym zone".
    basically it comes down to this. you can cut weight fast if you want with high reps of low weight and cardio, or you can try to bulk on your current frame and put on mass now(although it wont be as fast b/c your test levels are lower than they should be your estrogen is gonna be higher) if you want the long term quality workout try to switch it up regularly as far as cutting and bulking. this will take much longer but in my lowly opinion it is the best idea. but im sure this post will be demolished by other, better posters. nonetheless i stick by my consensus, cutting your fat must be your priority, and try to work in mass with this.
    peace out

  3. totally agree with this! cut first then worry about building larger muscles. at least then you can see them.

  4. If you are trying a CKD or any Keto Diet your results will vary, because of the increase in fats some peoples hormone levels get elevated as well, which helps build muscle of course and keep strength while lower on calories, you may be able to keep a lot of muscle on this diet or your body may be more catabolic, I suggest you cut and worry about muscle later

    The best outcome you could hope for is to loose fat and keep muscle, if you follow the Keto diet guidelines very closely it should help

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