Want quality weight ADVISE PLEASE!

  1. Exclamation Want quality weight ADVISE PLEASE!

    Hi, im 19 and only weight around 120..... to say the least ive had a real struggle with weight. Thing is, a year and a half ago i was 165 and like 6% BF star and captain of my hs football team and strongest kid on the team.... i continued to work out but thoguht since i wasnt playing football and other sports anymore i didnt need to eat as much and blah blah blah and started working out like CRAZZZY! Well obviosuly i deteriorated any muscle i had. I want to gain the weight back and get back to what I was but thats exactly it.... what i was! I dotn want sloppy weight but im impatient! any advice?

    My current diet looks for the most part like this:


    4 eggs (2 whole)
    assorted veggies chopped in
    1 oz of ham chopped in
    heaping 1/2 cup (dry measure) oats
    5 oz 1% milk in oats
    1/2 apple in oats

    If a 2 hour gap between breakfast and workout ill have :
    1/2 serving of protein in milk & either half banna or apple

    If less tiem like 1.5 hours or so i will just go work out

    Post workout:
    Scoop of whey isolate
    a little (1/4 scoop or so) Casein
    3/4 cup - 1 cup of kiddy cereal (depends on type) ( i like it lol) some smarties or dextrose candy, or some sugary candy. I tend to vary this but usually comes out to around 35 carbs.

    1 - 1.5 hours later:

    slice of ezekiel bread
    3 oz turkey
    smart balance mayo ( not sure how much, enough to cover bread)
    Slice of reduced fat provolone cheese
    lettuce, tomato
    1/2 cup ish greek yogurt w/ half apple and some nuts chopped in

    next meal is either an inbetween meal or dinner.

    in between would usually be a shake of nitrocore/ muscle milk rtd and a piece of fruit or some other sort of carb, or a protein bar

    dinner varies but usually have a big salad with lots of chopped up veggies and chopped almonds

    tonight i had :

    that salad with light blue cheese dressing
    a little over 4 oz sirloin roast
    2 oz sweet potato
    wild rice probbaly around 1/4 cup

    in between meal usually the same as before (only have this is there is alot of time between dinner and prebed meal.)

    right before bed:
    1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese
    1/2 cup either 4% or 2% cottage cheese
    tablespoon power peanut butter or mixed nuts


    casein shake in milk with either peanut butter or 2 teaspoons flax oil.

    Also was wondering if i shoudl start taking supplements? I used to always take pre workout stuff and was looking into taking creatine, but am hesitant due to my low weight and what not............ any advice and critiques are much appreciated! thank u

  2. Hey there,

    Sorry in a rush so I'll cut right to it. You need calories to grow. Calories are just a measurement of energy and energy is a fundamental fuel for all systems: gas makes your car go, sunlight drives photosynthesis, and food energy powers humans. If you don't get enough your body will break down fat and muscle to get it. This is 100% factual science (you took HS physics right? ).

    Just looking at your diet, it seems ultra clean. I would guess that you are at most taking in 2000 cals. Depending on your height and activity I would say that you should be over 3000 cals to grow.

    So get yourself some measuring cups and a good digital food scale and get familar with Fitday.com, the USDA nutrient database, or other calorie tracking site and start eating.

    Supplements are IMO, 1-2% of the equation; totally useless if you don't have the basic diet down.

    Good luck.

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