Bulking Critique please

  1. Bulking Critique please

    hi guys

    My stats are 5"9, 160lbs and 11% body fat.

    So finally, my long awaited bulk has almost arrived (start date: 26th Ocr 2009).

    I plan to bulk for 8 weeks (just as a start).

    Supplements i have on me:

    Test boosters: Activate Xtreme
    Pre-WO: Jack3d, Powerfull
    Post-WO: Creatine Mono and WPI/WPC
    Night: ZMA

    first three weeks will be Power/RepRange/Shock training and then the next 3 weeks will be Fiber Damage Fiber Saturation followed by 2 weeks of pure heavy compound lifting and nothing else.

    My Maintenance calories at the moment are roughly 2000. I plan to eat carbs: 40% protein:30% fat: 30% and at 2700 calories per day over 6 meals.

    I know that's a bit generalized but is there anything in there that you'd change or take out, and would you add anything else?

    this is my first proper bulk

  2. number one, you aint gonna gain crap with only 2700 calories a day. u need at least 3500 to 4500 daily. any protein/weight gain shakes u plan on taking? what about water intake? amount of sleep?

  3. the sleep would be 7 - 8 hours per day
    water intake planned.. 1 gallon per day

    the Protein Shake is InnerArmour Quad WPI/WPC mix. I'd thinking of mixing it with Dextrose, Waxy Maize Starch, Creatine Mono and water for Post WO.

    about the calories... how much of a surplus should i be in per day?... my BMR is 2000 and after a gym workout, let's say i burn a total of 2500 for the day. So I need to be in about 1000 to 1500 surplus?

  4. start at 2700 like you wanted....and go up by 50-100 calories every week. you will gain...you dont wanna just go from 2000 straight to 3500 or your just gonna gain chub.

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