First real bulk

  1. First real bulk

    I will be starting my first real bulk in 12 days. I was cutting weight for about 3 weeks. I lost a good ten pounds so far. I am 170lbs 5'10" at 13%bf. Now I dont know ifthis belongs here But i will be using THE ONE with this bulk. So I dont think I will gain much fat. I am trying to get to [email protected]%BF by the end of this 5 week run. Here is a break down of my gym days and what i do.

    MON-HIIT cardio
    TUES-HIIT cardio

    Can someone please make up a good diet plan for a clean bulk i guess it would be? I gain weight easily. (usally fat if i dont watch diet and trsain as hard)

    They say 15lbs is acheivalble which is about what i need to put on. lose roguhly 3-5lbs fat gain 10-12lb LBM

  2. anyone?

  3. PM me

  4. Good luck with your cycle of The One's a great product I expect you will see some great results.

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