PLEASE HELP, really important!

  1. PLEASE HELP, really important!

    hey everyone, i just started my bulk about a month ago and i feel alot different than my bulk last year!, this year i run to the washroom to crap every 10 minutes, and last year i only went like once a day! im assuming this might be normal because im loading on alot more fiberous/low glycemic carbs than i was last year (sweet potato, lentils, oats, etc.) as apposed to last year when i was mowing down bagels and bread! is this the reason? please let me know!

  2. If you dont increase fiber intake gradually it can give you the runs until you get used to it. I dont know if you mean the runs or you just poop alot. If you are eating alot you will poop alot, I'm currently bulking and I poop 3-5 times a day

    But yeah alot of fiber could definitly be giving you diarrhea. Just dial back your fiber intake some and then increase it gradually.

  3. dehydration gives you diarrhea also. so if ur taking a creatine and not drinking alot of water, it can cause that

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