help with bulking for throwing -

help with bulking for throwing

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    help with bulking for throwing

    i play cricket in Australia and i want to be able to bowl and throw harder and faster. im currently working on my delts, lats, chest, lower back, abs and rotator cuffs for this. can anyone suggest other muscles i need to work on so i can go harder when i play?
    help appreciated

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    Work on explosive movement before your lits. Strength lifts that is. Before working legs perform box squats or jump squats. Then move on to your main lifts. Same goes for upper body, try some medicine ball overheard throws or some jerk presses. Work each muscle 2x a week. Work on improving your flexability, AND, put most of your time into your sport.

    Also, look into overload/underload training. Best of luck, mate.

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