Looking for guidance

  1. Looking for guidance

    Hey AM,

    Ok, I am starting to keep track of my W/O and nutrition. I am trying to gain as much mass as I can. Please critique this log.

    10:00 am - 8 eggs minus 4 yolks
    12:00 pm - whey protein shake 1 scoop
    Flat Bench 170 x 8, 180 x 6, 185 x5, 195 x4, 205 x3, 225 x2, 270 x1, 225 x1, 205 x4
    Incline 135 3x10
    Incline DB 65 2x10
    Flyes 40 3x10
    2:30 pm - Pasta boiled with tomatoe sauce.
    4:00 pm Whey Protein shake 1 scoop.
    6:30 pm 1 serving Hamburger Helper 1 cup green beans
    8:30 pm Chicken Sandwich with white bread and ranch dressing...(I know, I know)

    This is what my intake and lifts looked like yesterday. I know it isn't the cleanest or best choices of food but having 3 kids the grocery list gets complicated.

    Please send me in the right direction.

    P.S. I work out at home so I don't have fancy equipment and my lift partner/spotter is my 14 yo son.

    Thanks guys.


  2. Seeing how nobody's replied I'll throw in my opinion, though im no expert.

    That looks like ALOT of sets just for chest. And even though you want lots of volume for hypertrophy, 17 sets of chest exercises seems excessive. I'm not a bodybuilder though so maybe not... I do know that for muscle size it's best for you to lift in the the 6-12 rep range(I would recommend 8 reps)

    How often do you train? Do you get enough rest?Do you do other lifts such as squats, deadlifts, overhead press, pull-ups/chin-ups?

    It also seems you might want to eat a little bit more, you should eat at LEAST 3,000 calories a day if you are trying to put on weight, probably more.

  3. rckvl7,
    I have a suggestion that you may or may not like, but 100 grams of Japanese Soba noodles gives you the following:
    336 calories
    75 grams of carbs
    14 grams of protein
    1 gram of fat
    792 mg of sodium

    I love me some Soba noodles, and I make a super potent one.. I like to call it Feature Rich
    It has the following:
    100 grams soba noodles, I rinse it in cold water after it has been boiling to remove any starch, so it makes it slippery.. Just cowboy up and eat it, its good for you..
    I then add 2 bard boiled eggs to it, yolk and all
    1/4 cup green onions

    and a protein shake using brown rice milk with a teaspoon of honey.

    I love eating this after a good workout.

    Personally though as long as you are keeping the soba noodles in there, alternate on the other items you add to it.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for the replies.

    rkvl7, I train each body part once a week and yes I do military presses, squats, deads, and quite a bit of extra work for isolations. I will be logging other w/o and days consumption but I havn't had the time, as of right now I am at work and don't have my notebook with me.

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