gaining 50lbs in 1 month.....possible?

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  1. Nice but pot pies?! Wtf? Lol

    Replace that with some meat!

    But thats a better diet then i have seen of others bud, good job!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by EGOSUM989 View Post
    This is the diet I used. The actual work out routine is really up to you. I worked out 5 days a week, ran on the 6th day, rested on the 7th and started all over a gain on Monday, a regular sleep /rest schedule is a must. Best of Luck!

    BRKFAST 8:AM Calories Protein
    3 eggs = 225 15
    2 cup yogurt(Greek) 320 20
    2 wheat bread= 220 8
    2 tbsp veg oil= 240 0
    1 banana= 105 1
    1110 cals 44 gms

    BRUNCH 11:AM
    2 cans tuna= 100 22
    2 bananas= 210 2
    2 tbsp veg oil= 240 0
    2 wheat bread= 200 8
    1 avocado= 365 7
    1115 cals 39 gms

    LUNCH 2:PM
    1 Pot Pie(Marie Callendar's)600 17
    2 tbsp veg oil= 240 0
    1 Avocado= 365 7
    1 banana= 105 1
    1310 cals 25 gms

    protein shake= 310 variable
    1 pot pie= 600 17
    1 banana= 105 1
    1 avacado= 365 7
    1380 cals 25 gms

    2 cans tuna= 100 22
    2 bananas= 210 2
    2 tbsp veg oil= 264 0
    1 avocado= 365 17
    939 cals 41 gms

    5854 Cals. A DAY
    170+ Protein A DAY
    How long were you able to actually keep that size? Did you keep it going after that month or change it up?
  3. 50 lbs in 1 month

    I constructed this diet with the following factors in mind High Calories, High Protein, Light Weight (not burdensome in your belly), Cost and a set amount of time to do it in. It's extremely effective as a ladder to reach a seemingly impossible goal in a relatively short time. After having reached my goal, I changed my diet. Believe me, 30 days of eating the same thing over and over is not fun, but the means justified the end. I was frankly surprised at how many nay Sayers there were that claimed it was impossible to do. Gaining and shedding, are a direct result of diet and exercise, it is not rocket science, it's simple math, and commitment. When I started I was 150lbs. My goal was 200lbs. At the end of 30 days I was 195, close enough for me. Today my weight fluctuates between 195 on an empty stomach and 201. How you will proceed, after a month on this diet, will really depend on what your personal goals are. Have a goal in mind and a map to get there before you start this diet, or any other.

  4. Anybody ever notice that when you put a : next to a p you get this or an 8 at the end of parenthesis you get 8) .. I do that all the time by accident lmao . Back to OP thats a stupid idea


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