Need some good advice on mass gain

  1. Need some good advice on mass gain

    Yes, this is my first post so please don't give me a hard time. I'm 6'0 170-175ish and am currently taking USPlabs Prime, Jack3d, a good multivitamin, 3-6-9 acids, EAS Whey, L-Glutamine. I'm looking to add 5-15 pounds over the next months and am looking for a quality weight gainer. My first choice by overlooking multiple reviews would be Mutant Mass. I know it isn't the cheapest by far but the results and mass amount of calories are very intriguing to me. Also I'm going to be going back to college for my final year and eating at school is always tough, this is one major reason of me needing the extra calories. But I do get a good 4-5 meals a day but am not really able to gain pounds.

    So basically,

    Would Mutant Mass or another weight gainer with Prime and Jack3d give me amazing results and weight gains?

    Thank you all for providing everyone that isn't registered yet with your knowledge and info on these topics, it really has been a great help to me over the past year.

  2. if you're a hard gainer, don't underestimate the power of half and half 1 cup = 340 calories.

  3. pshhhh

    macadamian nut oil 2 tablespoon on every meal!!!

    1 cup Quinoa is MADDDDDDDDDD calories

  4. man, i remember my bulks included 3 cups of half and half with breakfast. oh, them were the days...

  5. i get FAT very easy

    my next bulk has to be done with non stim fat burners!!! allow me to waste some calories while still eating. and doing 3x a week cardio.

    but i love to eat ill sacrafice it even if it means dieting longer.

  6. man, i despise cardio. i avoided it for my first two years of bulking shot up to 13% body fat...

  7. lucky i avoided it i gained mad fat, and i just didnt care i wanted to be 230

  8. a quality mass gainer would be cytogainer, if you're looking to make fast gains, i suggest to drink twice a day and eat plenty carbs. half your diet should consist of carbs, the other half is split between protein and good fats. EAT BROWN RICE.

  9. I like BSN's TRUE-MASS its really help me to put weight on and keep it. Another thing that made a huge difference is Taking flax-oil with every meal while bulking i jumped up 4lb in 2 weeks just doing that. Goodluck

  10. MHP's Up Your Mass, is a good clean weightgainer. No Maltodextrin, glucose polymers, or other bullsheet that will just convert to fat(and probably adipose fat at that), yeah its only 510 cals a serving with water, but if ya used whole milk, it puts it up there, and if you added the half and half like, Suncloud suggested, your looking at roughly 1000 cals for 16oz. LOL you like that one Suncloud, just put that piece of werk 2gether, and if you could drink it down throw sum PB or raw almond butter(my fav) in it for added cals and good fats. This will be Pre breakfast, and dessert on my up coming XTREN/MDROL cycle, looking 4 at least 4.5k a day and as high as i can get.

  11. nahh get SERIOUS MASS!!! with milk, ice cream,1 egg and a banana ur pushing 2k calories, 70 grams of protein, 300 grams of carbs and 1 gr of creatine. its by ON.

  12. bagles = 150g of carbs

    great for trying ot gain size


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