Can you guys come up with a good meal plan for me?

  1. Can you guys come up with a good meal plan for me?

    I wanted to know if you guys could help me with a meal plan to bulk up to go along with my new routine.
    Monday - Back and Bis

    Deadlift (3 sets)
    Bent over row or DB rows (2 sets)
    BB curl (1 set)
    Hammer curls (1 set)
    DB Wrist Curl (1 set)

    Tuesday - Chest and Tris

    Bench (3sets)
    DB flyes ss DB press (2 sets)
    Close grip bench press (2 sets)
    overhead BB extension (1 sets)

    Thursday- Legs back

    Front Squat (3 sets)
    Squats (3 sets)
    walking lunges (to pain, 2 sets)
    calf raises (2 sets, high reps)
    SLDL (3 sets)

    Friday - Shoulders

    Military Press (3 sets)
    BB Shrugs (3 sets)
    Upright row (2 sets)
    Lateral Raise (1 set)
    DB Shrugs (2 sets)
    Reverse DB Wrist Curl (1 set)

    Okay let me tell you guys what my restrictions are. Basically I try to eat as much unprocessed food as possible. I can't have food that has free unbound gluten, if I do I'll have panic attacks, head aches or migraines for two days and I can even pass out. That means, no whey(since it contains some free gluten), no extracted starches, no gelatin, nothing fermented, hydrolyzed or heated to the point of dehydration. There was a time I could have protein powder, but recently I have become even more sensitive to free gluten. Basically I need a meal plan with as much whole unprocessed foods as possible. I can have things like spaghetti and pancakes from scratch. I can also have peanut butter and chips depending on the brand.

  2. Anyone? Don't care that much if I gain some fat, as long as I don't gain like 20kg of fat or something extreme like that. I don't mind having a bit of a belly. I can also have bread, from whole foods since It only has about 5 ingredients as opposed to 30 in all the breads at the regular grocery stores.

  3. You don't need to have someone make a diet plan for you're bulk its pretty easy. Just eat right and eat alot of greens, fruits, meats.

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