How often to change routine?

  1. How often to change routine?

    So i do 12 week workout routines. And i have heard to change routines every 4-6 weeks. Is this a solid rule of thumb to say?

    Thoughts as far as when to change routine and what to change as far as reps and sets and what lifts to substitute is welcome.

  2. as long as you're progressively overloading your muscles (through periodically increasing weights or increasing sets / reps ) and hitting your muscles from all angles, it shouldn't matter.

  3. I change it up about the same, but thats what works for me, and the changes are often subtle.

  4. I change mine when I feel I am in a rut or I see little to no progress.

  5. I change mine every 4 weeks or so

  6. I just keep on going until I start to see little or no progress...I think the "official time-frame" to switch up your routine simply depends on the individual, there is no magic number as far as I can tell.

  7. Change it when progress or motivation starts coming to a halt.

    That's worked for me so far.

  8. I like to just keep upping the weight.
    But I also change when I feel like I am plateauing

  9. i like to start a routine then for the next month try to up the weights or reps for each workout. then at the beginig of the next month switch up the exercises all together and start the cycle again. its good because it forces u to push yourself but you dont get sick of certain exercises because u are cycling them in and out every month.

  10. when you guys talk about changing up your routine. do you mean like a total overhaul. for instance choose A,B or C.

    A- take your workout 5X a week (one day arms, back, next chest, and finally shoulders, and legs) and change it to a 4x a week workout of back and biceps, chest and triceps, legs and shoulders.
    B- take 5X a week and alter the days on which u work out. for example mon-arms, tues-chest, weds-legs, thurs-back, and -fri-shoulders. THEN switch this to mon-chest, tues-legs, weds-shoulders, thurs-arms, fri-back.
    C- a combo of A and B

    Thnx dudes


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