skinny want to be... not

  1. skinny want to be... not

    I want to get back up to 190 but i dont want to do it eating the same crap i did before to get there.

    was doing

    Breakfast- 800calorie protein shake (70g Protein),toast,egg
    Snack- 400calorie turkey steak, 30g Protein, granola bars
    Lunch- usually different but around 500 calories 20-40g protein
    Snack- protein bar, granola bar or whatever i had stockd up on for snacks lately
    Dinner- Steak or Chicken
    Post Dinner- Protein shake, toast or something similar

    usually around 4-4.5k calories, 200-250g protein

    The problem is i get sick of cooking food like martha stewart all day and usually tight on time. I start to get so sick of those turkey steaks i want to barf after a month or 2. I suck at cooking and hate it

    Can anyone help me find some stuff that you like that i can rotate? I have a very fast metabolism.


  2. whole milk is great to bulk, and packed with calories. so is half and half...

    i'dd add in/rotate peanut butter, string cheese, etc into your snacks. looks like your cholesterol intake and mono fat intake is a bit lean.

  3. Eat lots of nuts! peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread, better yet have them on whole wheat bagels, more complex carbs. Also lots of potatoes, it seems as though you aren't getting enough carbs to be bulking. And I would reccomend Isomass extreme gainer. by far one of the best weight gainers I have seen. Plus you get 30 servings per container, so it is quite cost efficient. Do this shake in whole milk.

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