Weight Gain Under Bad Conditions

  1. Weight Gain Under Bad Conditions

    Any suggestions on how to maintain a bulking diet while on a long work day? I am a Security Forces member stationed in England and I don't get time to eat 6-7 meals a day. I def make time to work out, but food is my biggest problem.

  2. is it possble to eat protein bars fruit or sandwhiches wile on the job?

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    the 6-7 meals a day thing is mostly myth anyhow. get 3 solid meals a day of high enough calories with whole animal proteins as the protein source and thats fine.
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  4. as far as eatin protien bars and **** it depends where im assigned for the day. im a cop on base so if im on patrol its no big deal but if im on the flight line im ****ed. I was thinkin some nuts like almonds and **** cuz its easy to eat.... thats just not good enough i need mad calories to gain it sucks..
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    then eat bigger at the meals you do eat, and do it consistently. 3 tbsp of pb added per meal is a lot of cals per day. or 2 tbsp of coconut oil prebed
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