Lean? bulk diet

  1. Lean? bulk diet

    ive been using this diet for a lean bulk while on cycle and so fa rhave put on 10-12 lbs of lean mass.

    its stras slightly somedays from food sources but the macros stay about the same.

    meal 1 : first thing: 1 scoop whey with 1 tbs sugar
    30 min after : 3/4 of carton of egg whites (approx 40 grams pro) 2 whole eggs, 1 cup dry weight oatmeal. maybe a glass of skim milk with it. sometims some natty pb in there

    meal 2 : 2 pieces of whole grain toast with pb and jelly on each half, 2 scoops whey


    meal 3 : 2 scoops whey, 60-80 grams of fast digesting carbs 9 ive been literally using granulated sugar latey with some bcaas

    meal 4 ( 1-1.5 hours after pwo) : 8-10 ounces chicken breast, 1 cup cooked brown rice, 1 cup (approx) of broccoli, handful of almonds or cheese

    meal 5 ; same as 4

    meal 6 : 8-10 ounces of top sirloin steak with 1 cup brown rice and some green veggies (usually just broccoli)

    meal 7: bedtime- 2 scoops whey, with milk, 2 tbs natty pb and fish oils

    now soemtimes ill sub a meal for 2 cans of tuna on 3 pieces of whole grain bread in fat free mayo, and handful of nuts. and other times ill mix eggs/egg whites the brown rice in meal 6 instead of steak and/or sub the brown rice with cup oats (which is a bit more carbs)

    i think it roughly works out to 3-3500 cals, havnt done the hard math.

    works out to well over 300 grams of potien, about 300 grams carbs and 70-90 grams of fat.

    let me know what u think

  2. My personal experience is that you need carbs to grow, I would increase the carbs a little bit. Although if this is working for you stick to it.

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