steam room?

  1. steam room?

    My gym has a steam room(sauna too but i use the steam room) and i love going in there to sweat out some of the bs thats in my system. I am trying to bulk though and was not sure if this is ok to do. I usually go in for about 5-7 minutes after a workout to just sweat a little more. Is this ok for bulking or should i avoid it?

  2. I would think it was ok. You are just losing water weight when you go into a steam room. You can gain that right back by hooking your mouth up to a faucet. I say go for it!

  3. the best use of a steam room or sauna is when your sore, have a strained muscle or the like. warm up your body for 10 minutes then apply ice to to the affected area

  4. Won't really affect bulking it's only water weight that can easily be put back on

  5. doesnt make a difference at all

  6. I prefer the sauna, it allows toxins to flow freely out of your pores. Must faster than the steam room. A few days in the sauna and you really do feel cleaner, and more energized. I want to buy a far infrared sauna when i buy my new house.

    But anyway, it will not hinder any goals whatsoever. Hell, will give you more energy to expell in the gym.

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  7. Wont have any effect on the bulking process at all. Just be weary if you walk into a steam room and there are stadium style seating and a bunch of old men dressed like ancient Greeks.

  8. thanks everyone reps will come..


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