please critique my bulk plan for the summer

  1. please critique my bulk plan for the summer

    I plan on to bulk through the summer but i want to try to stay lean (currently at 11%) would be great if i could lean up more.
    I want to choose between 2 routines, what do yall recommend? any others?

    ( trying to put on as much lean muscle mass as possible)

    Total Body-
    3 day a weel Full-Body- alternating between all compound, Bilateral and Unilateral exercises (using maximum heavy weight)
    (weeks 1-3)- 4x10
    (weeks 4-6)- 10,8,8,6
    (weeks 7-9)- 4x8
    (weeks 10-12)- 12,10,8,6


    5 Day Split

    (week 1-4) 4x8
    (week 5-8) 5x5
    (week 9-12) 8,8,6,6

    Monday- Shoulders, Abs
    Tueday- Bi's and Tris, Calves
    Wednesday- Legs, Abs
    Thursday- Off
    Friday- Chest, Abs
    Saturday- Back, Calves
    Sunday- Off

    ON Procomplex Gainer, 100%Whey, Casein Protein, Glutamine, BCAAs
    Animal Pak Multi-Vs
    MST- ZMK
    Labrada- Lean EFAs
    AN- Neovar
    USP- Jacked

    and starting in June- PP's 1-T Tren for 6weeks and PP's TRS for PCT

    Meal plan-

    1meal- 2scoop of whey and banana
    2meal- 10 egg whites and 1 serving of oats, 2cups skim milk, supplements
    3meal- natural PB & J sandwich on wholegrain bread
    4meal- 1 cup tuna or 4oz turkey on whole grain bread, 1 cup spinach with olive oil, 2cups skim milk, supplements
    pre- 1scoop whey, Jacked, Neovar
    post- Gainer, neovar, glutamine, bcaa
    6meal- 8oz chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, spinach, olive oil, 2cups skim milk
    7th meal- 1 scoop casein, EFAs, glutamine, ZMK

    Thanks guys

  2. looks pretty good, im bulking as well and my diet isnt nearly as organized or good as urs lol.
    But ive bin working so hard and have still gained about 5-8 lbs in about 1 month. Insluding with so much stress from school and stuff...
    im thinking ur ganna gain a whole lot more with ur diet plan.

    Try ON Serous Mass, i got great gains on that. its around the same as ON Procomplex Gainer; but alot more people including me have seen great gains off serous mass.

    Great diet, best of luck wit ur bulking

  3. Your diet and routine looks good. Don't be fooled by the "lean bulk" stuff. You will put on fat, and thats part of bulking. Your weight can def be upped by some fat. Continue your cardio, or even cut down a little and truly bulk. You can always cut after. I like the 3 day method because it gives your body plenty of recovery time and allows for you HI cardio on your in between days.

    Note: If you truly want to lean up just a little I would revamp the entire routine, but if you want to bulk then you have a good start.
  4. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    If you're starting 1-T Tren I think it would be very possible to do a true 'lean' bulk, you just need to watch your calories like a hawk!

    For hypertrophy, I prefer body part splits. I feel it's more efficient and when on anabolics hitting bodyparts often twice a week provides maximum stimulation.

    Start your calories at maintenance as you begin the 1-T Tren and adjust gradually (2-300kcal increases maximum) to prevent added fat gain, let the compound do its work and repartition the nutrients you give it to full effect.
  5. Talking

    Ahhh, the mythical lean bulk. Jk, you look good so far, i would add more whole food protien, i'm not a big proprietor of too many shakes. As stated above, you will put on some fat in a true bulk. Alean bulk is possible, but it takes alot of time, serious dedication and intensity, and alot of good cals. I am of the school of thought that either your bulking dirty, or your not bulking. That is only my opinion however. What your talking about seems more like a recomp, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    By the way, good luck with 1tt. feedback seems really good, your success is iminent.

  6. the lean bulk and the real bulk is basically the difference between what you feel is bulking. I always think of a "lean bulk" as just trying to put on some good muscle at your weight maybe say 5lbs of muscle. Now if you looking to put on say something like 15-18lbs approx 10% your bodyweight you aren't getting there in a lean bulk per se putting on 10% of your bodyweight in lean muscle takes alot of time calories work even on anabolics unless you are far far from your genetic potential

  7. Bulking is done in the kitchen, that definitely looks like a legit diet to me.


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