getting smaller

  1. getting smaller

    so heres the deal, with my job the spring and summer are real busy i end up working around 12 hour days all week and then every other weekend as well, and ive been bulking all winter and made some real progress, with a little help with a phera/mdrol bridge and i am having a real hard time keeping my gains with being so busy all season long. Its only been a few weeks and ive already lost some mass and my strength has gone down, i guess what im asking is there any way i can maintain all my hard work by only getting to the gym maybe 3 times a week (from being so tired from busting my arse all day) when im used to going 5-6 days a week, not sure if theres anything i can do but its sort of depressing watching my hard work fade away each sure some of you know what i mean, few stats im 6 ft, 216 (was 222) and my history include 1-ad, mdrol, and phera... any and all advice would be apreciated, thanks

  2. You can certainly maintain muscle and gain muscle lifting only three days a week. Gear your workouts towards full body movements each session, try to get a deadlift or a squat variation in every day you lift. Add a couple good upper body movements that require a lot of muscle stimulation (Dips, Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Military press, Shoulder Press, Rows, Bench, etc) and some other supplemental movements if you like (tricep and Bicep Curls, Calves, etc). Working out only 3 days a week will give you the opportunity to recover from such intense, full body routines and at the same time build muscle everywhere, as long as you are eating enough.

  3. check out HST routine. its 3 days a week, full body. I put on lean mass while cutting.

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