I just put on 10lbs in maybe 2 weeks.

  1. Exclamation I just put on 10lbs in maybe 2 weeks.

    After reading the how to get big (in a big nutshell) thread, I decided to start eating more.

    I figured to keep my protein synthesis up all day I would start eating 1.5 servings of 1.5% cottage cheese between meals. I also started having bigger portions of my breakfast (Kashi Go Lean Cereal), and tried to have more meat for lunch (which is boiled ground turkey.)

    I have been wondering how many calories I've been taking in, so I just added this all into the diet tracker. Apparently I am consuming 1841 calories total, with 221g of protein, 93 of carbs, and 65 coming from fat. The fat ratio is 40.5% sat, 19% poly, and 40.5% mono.

    The last time I hopped on the scale I was 122lbs, I think. I didn't really note the date but I did note the fact that I thought I should eat more because I haven't gained any weight. I've weighed 120lbs for awhile now. It's my homeostasis I would guess.

    But it couldn't have been more than 2 weeks ago that I weighed myself at 122lbs. Probably not even that long, maybe one week...but my sense of time is pretty bad, so I'm not too sure. I just did it a few moments ago, and I'm 132lbs now. (My supervisor/boss has two in her office.) And yes, I'm on AM at work. but it looks like I'm working. haha

    Anyways, do you think I should cut down on the calories? I don't want to weigh 160 lbs in 2 months from now.

    And just for reference I'm 5'8", and I only work out 3x a week ATM. And only for 1hr each time. (and I mostly just hit 1 body part with as many sets as I can for that hour. With a superset for 3 more sets at the end.)

  2. Weight gain will taper off unless you keep increasing the calories over what you're currently eating. If it were that easy to gain 40lbs there wouldn't be a bulking forum here. You'll be fine and will probably plateau very soon.

  3. That is what I figured...but isn't it still calorie intake vs calorie expenditure? Where will the extra calories go?

    P.S. The above diet is for non-workout days, and days I don't forget my lunch and go get a 4 piece fish and chips from Pete's...lol Also, I'm not sure if they subtracted the 20g of fiber from the carbs?
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    dang, i wish i could put on 10lbs by eating 1841 calories..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    dang, i wish i could put on 10lbs by eating 1841 calories..
    You and me both! I can eat 4000 cals and lose weight

  6. Well I wish I was 5'10" and buff, so wanna trade bodies? haha

    Also, the 1841 calories are on my highly strict days.

    On mondays i eat a bagel or a muffin or whatever they bring to the office, because free food is free food. Thursday I eat out because i have to go from work to a meeting without going home. I usually eat a pretty fattening/carby meal. Or whatever I want. (As long as it's got protein.) If I forget to bring my lunch, I'll eat out at Pete's fish and chips...and get a 4 peice...which is probably like 1500 calories.

    So it's probably on average higher than 1841 per day for a week.

    BUT, I'm asking...is this healthy? Will i just get fat?

  7. Are you looking to get muscles?

    If i were you and you were wanting to do that, barring any diseases that cause you to not gain weight/lose it quickly, i would ramp up the cals and continue working out. Take it 10 lbs at a time and asses. If you are getting too fat, cut back, kick up the cardio and then press on with life.

    If you have a long term goal that is great, but remember, the frog couldnt make it accross the pond in one leap. He had to get on each of those little stones.

  8. Very true, Mr. Big.

    I am of course trying to gain muscle, otherwise I would not be here! I have noticed fat gain, but of course, I'm going to gain fat going on a bulk. It isn't too bad yet I guess, so like you say I will reassess as I gain more weight.

    I have a long term goal to just be "buff." lol Not freakishly huge, but huge none-the-less. I love muscles, I love the way they look, I love when veins are popping out, and I LOVE protein.


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