during my bulking period, i have been eating clean like a mad man. i eat about 4500-5000 calories a day. every once in a while ill treat myself to something a little less healthy, but for the most part im on my grind. but unlike most people im not forcing myself to eat a lot.. i still find myself hungry ALL THE TIME! so my question is, is it okay to eat more.. meaning up my calorie intake? or are there some health risks with consuming too many calories?

    thanks for the help in advance.

  2. as long as its clean (mostly) and you are hitting the weights HARD

  3. that's really good to know. as you can see, at 6'1 165 im kinda slender.. more vascular than anything. now i can start putting on even more pounds. thanks for the advice.

  4. For the longest time it seemed like I couldn't gain any weight. I started a new diet and now I'm finally seeing improvements. So keep eating as much good clean foods and lift hard and you will see results soon enough. Just remember it takes time trust me.

  5. my last bulking diet broke 7.5k calories. if you're naturally lean, sometimes its the fastest way to see results - force your body to build. while i don't advise anyone should eat that much, for me it helped supercharge my results.

    on an excess calorie diet though, be very careful with your sodium intake, and make sure you're taking in a few banana's per day (or orange juice) to offset having a terrible internal PH balance which will counteract growth. i think that's the biggest mistake made with high calorie bulks. IMO. best of luck to you.

  6. thanks guys. ill take it all into consideration.

  7. yea generic mass gainer shakes have done wonders for me...


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