bulking triceps

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  1. bulking triceps

    hi, i wanna get my triceps bigger and more defined im 18 yrs 167lbs
    have a moderate amout of definition.

    any workout suggestions.
    ill be a lab rat for any expirements

  2. Close grip benchpress and nose busters (skull crushers)

  3. what are nose busters?? sry ima noob to the names

  4. Hey man, I like to do a lot of skullcrushers, espically at a decline. For some people close grips are great, but for me I get a lot more direct stimulation from skullcrushers. Sometimes I super-set them with close grips. I like to go heavy, but only as heavy as I can maintain good form. Form is key with triceps, if you don't have your elbows positioned right you can mess it all up.

    I like to do 1 arm pressdowns too, superset heavy/palm facing down and lighter/palm facing up. I think the rope is better for 2 arms than any of the other attachments, but that's just me.

  5. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c_YBobwRMA&feature=re lated"]YouTube - skull crushers[/ame]

    something similiar to that, i like to go slower and really feel the tension

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFzrWi_K6mQ&NR=1"]YouTube - 100 lbs x 4 on Skull Crushers -- Form Check[/ame]

  6. i c.
    well i do reverse pushups but theres only so much they can do and thats mainly for def.

    so how many reps and sets should i do???

  7. I do 3x10 on all arm exercises.
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  8. do you go as much weight as u can handle?
    and also i heard that when up go for bulking
    u dnt really feel the soreness??


  10. Weighted Dips
    Team Orbit

  11. My tri workouts typically revolve around close-grips, weighted dips then the rope. A good way to integrate from chest to tricep if that's your split.

  12. RE: The first vid for skull crushers.
    Like someone else said, I think form is crucial for triceps. To me the form in the video looks wrong. I keep my elbows in line with shoulders (much closer than demonstrated). I also find it key to keep my elbows 100% still (or as still as possible), I find this isolates the tricep much more.

  13. Yeah I try to keep my elbows tucked in... and yes I go as heavy as possible.
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  14. reverse grip bench is all tri. weighted dips, close grip bench. heavy skull like 5 reps by the fifth you should be failing.

  15. remember that the triceps have "tri" in their name because of the three heads of the muscle. you target the various heads by hand position - overhand, underhand and parallel. for compound movements, weighted dips, CG bench, reverse grip CG bench (which i don't like). for isolation, use the pulldown bar, and the "W" shaped bar for the underhand grip, followed by the rope pulldowns to help extend your tri's down to your elbows

  16. Who said dips? I think someone said dips. Yeah, do dips. Right? Yes!

    Weighted dips are extra fun. Watch your form, make sure the triceps are doing as much of the work as they can by straightening up your back and keep those negatives slow! If I had to pick just one triceps exercise, it would be dips.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ATQ View Post
    RE: The first vid for skull crushers.
    Like someone else said, I think form is crucial for triceps. To me the form in the video looks wrong. I keep my elbows in line with shoulders (much closer than demonstrated). I also find it key to keep my elbows 100% still (or as still as possible), I find this isolates the tricep much more.
    Yeah I totally agree, I see a lot of guys do close grips and skull crushers with their elbows flared out like that but for me that doesn't isolate the tricep as mcuh.

  18. dips
    close grip bench

  19. overhead lockouts with holds too
  20. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    I think the rep range is important for triceps too. They're made up of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibres (especially the long head, which is the biggest) so they respond well to low-rep work, e.g. 4-6 reps.

    Try starting off with some heavy weighted dips, close grip bench or skull crushers and finishing off with higher rep (8-12) cable extensions (any attachment - rope, bar, v-bar etc.).

  21. dips and tricep rope pulldowns are my favorites.

  22. Speaking of tri's.....My tri's have always been my most flattering muscles,along with my shoulders.My tri's definitely make my arms look bigger.The coolest compliment I ever got was one summer day while chatting w/a friend.Of course I was rocking a sleeveless T.Anyhow, I left,came back later,and my friend told me that his bud who was present while we were chatting,said after I left..."He's got knots in his arms!" {knot=HORSESHOE!}Thought I would pat myself on the back a little.Thats all....carry on!

  23. bench with you eblows in and go to about lockout. benching heavy weight. close gripping heavy weight. dips. and good ol tricep pushdowns.

  24. Lets not forget jm presses.

  25. i like to do skull crusher 12/10/8/6 reps, then weighted dips 12/10/8/6, straight bar reverse grip pull down 12/10/8/6 (I have shown this exercise to many and everyone of them has incorporated into there triceps workout, you will feel the stimulation on your tris right from the beginning, it may take a while to get use to the awkward hand position but its well worth it.) I normally finish off my triceps with either close grip bench 12/10/8/6 or rope pull down 12/10/8/6. I have found this workout to work extremely well and have noticed very good results. Whatever you do though make sure you concentrate on the contraction and the negative portion (something not many people do.)

  26. Take a dumbbell put it behind ur head, then lift your arms up and down you will feel the burn. start with a 40 do it 12 times then moved up to a 45 and do it 10 then end with a 50 try to get 6 to 8 its tough thoe but deff work. =]

  27. Tri's have always been a strength of mine. I believe this is largely due to a mistake in my training for about three years in high school. I always benched at about shoulder length maybe a bit inside of that. But ever since I began lifting, my bench was done with my elbows tight to my body. This resulted in excellent triceps. But I must say, I now find myself trying to improve my chest. I guess it didn't all work out....

    Any way, I believe this is a good tri exercise, essentially close grip bench, just with a slightly wider grip than most. It enables you to go a little heavier. Just my $.02

  28. get your close grip up as much as possible. you think your triceps are going to be the same size if you were close gripping 225x10 then you progress to 275x10. same goes for dips. progression in strength is going to Force your tris to grow.

  29. I concur about skull crushers and close grip bench. Those are the meat and potatoes of tricep training. Dips are great as well. I like to finish off with dips with body weight to burn out the tri's. Weighted dips are good but can be a strain on the body. Ive had my sternum hurt, shoulders, elbows, and just about everything else doing dips with extra weight. I like to do my skull crushers with my head hanging off of the bench and bringing the bar to my forehead, a la Arnold's method.

  30. IMO the meat and potatos of triceps are pressing, pressing, and more pressing. Bench heavy, close grip work, close grip incline is ridiculous on the triceps, strict standing overhead pressing is hard on the triceps, etc. Now about extension work... including pushdowns, skull crushers, etc. I like extension movements, but IMO keep them light and keep the reps higher. Extension movements are rough on the elbows. I consider them to be much better for high volume movements, and it's with these movements that I'll employ supersets, etc. Besides, things start to hurt when you skull crush 225. If your elbows don't hurt now when you skull crush heavy they will when you get older/bigger/stronger.

    The other thing to realize is that since you're 167lbs, you're going to have to gain some weight to really make the triceps come out. I'm sure you know that, but sometimes the easiest thing to do is right in front of us.


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